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Human Services

Do like working with children and people? Are you interested in psychology? Do you want to learn more about yourself? Do you want to improve your people & communication skills? If so, then the CDC Human Services Program might be for you! In this two-year program, students will learn about: child, adolescent, adult & elderly development, working with children, families & the elderly, substance abuse, mental illness, skills for the workplace, careers in Human Services, child & elder abuse, healthy relationships, communication, teamwork & people skills, healthy living issues, & more! Students will gain hands-on experiences by spending class time at local preschools, childcare centers, elementary schools, & elder services. Human Service careers will be explored which will include: teaching, childcare, counseling, social work, therapist, psychologist, school counselor, medical field, & legal field.

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Adults are welcome to apply for daytime technical programs. A Vermont resident adult without a high school diploma is a secondary student and is eligible for tuition to be paid by their school district. Adults with high school diplomas will be charged a tuition. Financial aid may be available. Contact the Adult Education Office at 447-3596.

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