Our Programs

Enrollment Procedure

  • Students who are interested in a Southwest Tech program are encouraged to complete and submit an application for the following academic year.
  • Southwest Tech Programs have limited enrollment and earning a slot may be competitive. An interview with the program teacher is part of the application process, and teacher permission is a pre-requisite for entry into all programs. Interviews allow applicants to learn more about the program and allow the teacher and the applicant an opportunity to get to know each other.
  • It is not advisable to apply to enter a full-year program in mid-year. However, mid-year applications will be considered depending on the nature of the program, the qualifications of the applicant and on a space-available basis.


Should be completed by the student and school counselor. An application is located here. Applications are also available in the high school counseling office and the Southwest Tech office.


will be arranged by the Southwest Tech Guidance Coordinator with the student and the program instructor. Things to be discussed will include: The student’s interests, post high school plans and career goals and other pertinent topics.