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Theater Arts

Theater Arts is a comprehensive course that prepares students for a career in the theater, entertainment industry and other careers where public speaking and performing skills are needed. Students study all aspects of the theater, including theater as a business and theater as an art form. Over a two-year course of study, students will write, act, direct and design, and build sets for the theater. Emphasis is placed on theater appreciation and theater criticism. Students will work closely with theater professionals at the Oldcastle Theater Company. Students may serve as interns at Oldcastle. Students will be expected to produce plays and presentations for the public.

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Adults are welcome to apply for daytime technical programs. A Vermont resident adult without a high school diploma is a secondary student and is eligible for tuition to be paid by their school district. Adults with high school diplomas will be charged a tuition. Financial aid may be available. Contact the Adult Education Office at 447-3596.

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